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Pre-Settlement Legal Funding for Car Accidents Helps Pay the Bills

Struggling to manage bills due to a car accident that wasn't your fault? Our car accident cash advance can be your solution. At CXS Capital, we ensure you receive the cash you need within 24 hours upon approval. Call us at 954-228-3086 for details.

Car accidents, whether minor fender-benders or more severe, can lead to significant injuries and rightful claims for compensation. When you're the victim seeking justice, you often engage an attorney, unaware that legal proceedings can stretch for months. What happens then? Especially if your injuries have left you unable to work, the financial obligations don't pause – car payments, rent, utilities, food, and more. The good news: assistance is available precisely when you require it.

And remember that you need not worry about how you’re going to pay us back if you end up losing your case… if that happens you will not have to pay us back. Not a single cent.

Call us today to apply at 954-228-3086, or simply start by completing the short application!

Pre-Settlement Legal Funding for Car Accidents: What You Should Know

They’re called legal fundings, also known as lawsuit loans. Basically, it is a cash advance on the future settlement from your lawsuit… a legal funding isn’t a windfall of cash, but a portion (usually 10% to 20%) of the expected case value. That is cash that you can use today. And as mentioned if your application is approved, CXS Capital can get the cash to you in about 24 hours!

Ah, but the big question is, what if you lose your case, how are you supposed to pay back the cash advance? The better news is, if you do lose your case you don’t pay it back. That’s because the legal funding is a non-recourse transaction, which is a fancy term for not having to repay the advance if you lose your lawsuit.

How Do I Qualify?

While there are many things that we look at regarding your personal injury lawsuit to see if you qualify for a legal funding, there are 3 main questions we ask about your case:

  • How serious were the injuries you suffered?
  • Does the person who caused the accident have a way to pay for any legal settlement award?
    (the real key is do they have insurance to pay for it)
  • Is the person who you're claiming caused the accident actually responsible for the accident?
    (kind of an odd question, we understand, but you'd be surprised)

If your case can meet these qualifications, then there is a great chance we can fund you.

CXS Capital does not provide pre-settlement legal funding in the following States: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia.

CXS Capital does NOT fund Workers Compensation cases.

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